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Last Saturday we visited Hrastovačka gora. Our plan was to have fun and make some new friends. We met in front of the school at 9 a.m. As we arrived to the foot of Hrastovačka gora we started unpacking and putting our winter clothes on.

Some of us went skiing and some of us started throwing snowballs. We declared war. After we won we ate some sandwiches and went back sledging.

I had so much fun! I also got closer to my friends from school. It was awesome and I hope I’ll go again.

Roko Karaula, class 6 a



“Grease” is a musical comedy starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John who are excellent actors and dancers. The film has a lot of fantastic songs. “You’re the one that I want” became a huge hit and everyone was crazy about it.

The film is about the last year of high school. The main characters are Sandy and Danny who fall in love during summer holidays. At the end of summer they go their separate ways because Sandy has to return to Australia. However, she stays in America and they meet again at school. The film shows teenagers’ problems, such as choosing the wrong school, pregnancy, friendship. We find out that we sometimes can cross the limits of “normal”, acceptable behaviour, change, and enjoy life.

I simply love this film and I’ll watch it a hundred more times.

I give it  .


Maria Helena Huml, class 8a



Harry Potter 

Students from class 8a visited the Children’s Department of the Vlado Gotovac National Library on 25th October 2017. The library organised a series of events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Harry Potter book. We saw an interesting presentation on quidditch given by Domagoj Brodarić, class 7 student from Viktorovac Elementary School. He explained the rules of the game and some tricks quidditch players use to win. Although Domagoj prefers Harry Potter films to books it didn’t distract him from reading. The story of the young wizard’s life is told in 7 books and one play. We heard a fascinating fact – Harry Potter books have been translated into79 languages enabling readers from all over the world to enjoy the adventures of the world’s most famous wizard.

Jurica Posilović, class 8a






Project: Our Friends from Cyprus

On Friday, 9th October 2015, our school connected with a school in Cyprus using a Skype call. The project was created by our school’s English teacher Mrs Ivančica Puškarić and Mr Filippos Yiapanis who works as an English teacher in the Russian English Private School L.I.T.C. in Limassol, Cyprus. Everybody from class 6c told their Cyprus friends something about themselves (their names, hobbies and interests). After that, students from the school in Cyprus did the same thing. The Skype call was only half an hour long, but it was really educative and interesting. The project’s goal is to see and understand different types of school education. During the call, class 6c was in the school library. Our English teacher Mrs Puškarić told us that this is just the beginning of a long co-operation between the Russian English Private School L.I.T.C. in Cyprus and our school. We are all looking forward to it.

                                                                          by Dominik Jambrović, class 8a











































































The Autumn Project Day  [🍁] [🍁] [🍂] [🍂] [🌰] [🌰]

On October 14, 2015 our school had a project day. It was an interesting day and we had a lot of fun. I went to the English and German project called Chestnut. It was run by our English teacher Mrs Ivančica Puškarić and our German teacher Mr Vlado Šalić. There were a lot of kids there. I don't remember the exact number, but I think it was around 20. So what did we do? First we played a game which is very well-known and fun. It was Memory! We had to put together English and German sentences of the same meaning. Then another task we had to do was to write down the Chestnut puree recipe. Half of the recipe was in English and the other half was in German. We had to translate the English part into German and the German part into English. In the end we got a recipe for a very tasty Chestnut puree. And the last but not the least was a treasure hunt. We were like true detectives. Our teachers hid slips of paper with clues on them all around the school. What was the task? We had to go from clue to clue until we found a basket full of chestnuts. Gosh, that was fun! Imagine running through your school with 20 other kids competing, everybody wanting to be the winner and find those chestnuts. That's all. I hope you enjoyed your project as much I enjoyed this one. 

                                                                                       by Margareta Pavičić, class 8a








































































































Books Are Fun

On 21st October 2015 the showcasing of the books by English and American authors took place in the Children's Department of the Vlado Gotovac Library. It was the first step of the project called Books Are Fun during which pupils from 3 schools (OŠ Braća Ribar, OŠ 22. lipanj and OŠ Ivan Kukuljević) are going to read books in English and then present them in the children’s library. The project is really going to be fun because, believe it or not, reading can be fun, but there will also be a quiz, some music and sketches at the final presentation.

The library's employee told us about the authors and their works which we could borrow. She also taught us about three degrees of knowledge and understanding of the English language. After the brief presentation, the pupils went looking for their favourite works of well-known English authors like: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Captain America and many others.

You are all invited to the library to find a book for yourself. Welcome to the world of English and American literature!

                                                                                                                                                                                          by Filip Kralj, class 8a












































































Valentine's Day Related image

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world on February 14th. In our school there was quite a special celebration. There were five teams each with four members. Eight pupils recited Romeo and Juliet very well. After all the recitations, both in Croatian and English, and a few songs sung by the school’s choir an interesting quiz was prepared for the teams. It was a lot of fun and even a bit tense. The winners were the team called “Ribice” who won a jumbo pizza. The second team won cinema tickets and the third a box of chocolates. I found the whole event interesting and funny, even though I didn’t participate. I hope to see more quizzes like this in the future.

Roko Karaula, class 7a



We went to Zagreb to the Žar Ptica Theatre. We saw a play called “Zvižduk s Bukovca”. The main character was Vlatko Gizelin called Gizo. I think it was interesting and I really enjoyed our trip.

Fillip, class 5a


























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